CISC 1600: Computer Science I
CISC 1610: Computer Science I Laboratory

What's this course about?

General information

Faculty: Dr. A. G. Werschulz

Office hours:

Class meetings:

Class email list: cs1 STRUDEL (STRUDEL is a thinly-disguised @, to thwart the amount of spam that your instructor receives in his guise of list manager). This can be used for both announcements and discussion.

Text and Readings


You will receive the same grade for both components of the course (CISC 1600 and CISC 1610). This grade will be determined as follows:


Additional Remarks

handicapped-accesible If you believe that you have a disabling condition that may interfere with your ability to participate in the activities, coursework, or assessment of the object of this course, you may be entitled to accommodations. If so, please schedule an appointment to speak with me immediately or you may go to the Office of Disability Services (x6282). Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, all students, with or without disabilities, are entitled to equal access to the programs and activities of Fordham University.

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