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Option: crossref

Prints cross-reference tables. Default = none.

The list consists of keywords separated by commas or colons. The keywords with their meanings are as follows:

table lists each subprogram followed by a list of routines that call it. This listing omits library modules that are not in the call tree of the main program. The list is alphabetized.
table lists each COMMON block followed by a list of the routines that access it. These listed routines are those in which some variables in the COMMON block are accessed, not simply those routines that declare the block. (To find out what routines declare a COMMON block but do not use it, see the -usage flag.)
table lists each label followed by a list of all references to it. A label reference is denoted by the line number and statement type of the referring statement. The label list is in sequential order. The references are listed in the order they are encountered in the program.

See also: -calltree, -reference, -sort, -symtab, -vcg.

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