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Option: errors

Set the maximum number of error messages in a ``cascade''. During checking of agreement of subprogram arguments, common block declarations, and so forth, sometimes a single case will generate a long string of warnings. Often this simply indicates some other cause than a genuine item-by-item mismatch, such as for example a varible missing from one list. So in such cases ftnchek stops printing the warnings after the cascade limit is reached, and the trailer ``etc...'' is printed to indicate that there were more errors not printed. If you think that these warnings are likely to be genuine, use this setting to see more of them. Turn-on = default = 3, max = 999. A value of 0 means no limit.

This setting does not set an overall limit on the number of error messages printed, only the number printed in any one cascade. Most types of warnings and error messages are not subject to the cascade effect and so are not affected by this setting. To turn off warnings generally, use the individual warning control options or the -nocheck option.

See also: -check.

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