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Option: symtab

A symbol table will be printed out for each module, listing all identifiers mentioned in the module. This table gives the name of each variable, its datatype, and the number of dimensions for arrays. An asterisk (*) indicates that the variable has been implicitly typed, rather than being named in an explicit type declaration statement. The table also lists all subprograms invoked by the module, all COMMON blocks declared, etc. Default = no.

Also, for each module, a label table will be printed. The table lists each label defined in the module; the line on which said statement label is defined; and the statement type (executable, format, or specification). The labels are listed in sequential order.

Also printed is a table describing the I/O units used by the module, together with information about how they are used: what operations are performed, whether the access is sequential or direct, and whether the I/O is formatted or unformatted.

See also: -calltree, -crossref, -list, -reference, -sort, -vcg.

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