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Option: vcg

Produce the call graph in the form of a VCG graph description. This description is written to a separate file, with the same stem as the file containing the main program, and suffix .vcg. This file is able to be given directly to xvcg(1L) to visualize the call graph. (If input is from the standard input, then the graph description is sent to standard output.) This switch is equivalent to -calltree=vcg. Default = no.

The VCG description as created is more complex than it need be. VCG allows graphs and nested subgraphs: each subroutine is created as a subgraph nested inside its calling routines. This allows you to interactively display subgraphs or summarise them.

The -vcg option for ftnchek was written by Dr. Philip Rubini of Cranfield University, UK.

xvcg is a graph visualisation tool which runs under the X windows system. It is freely available from It was written by G. Sander of the University of Saarland, Germany.

See also: -calltree, -crossref, -reference, -sort.

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