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Department of Computer & Information Sciences


 Semester:  Spring, 2005
 Course Number:  CSEU 3593 001
 Course Title:  Computer Organization
 Instructor:  Dr. Robert K. Moniot
    LC Office LL 821-A, Phone (212) 636-6302
    LC Office hours : MR 2:00-3:00
    Other office hours by appointment
 Class Hours:  MR 4:00-5:15 Room LL 902
 Text:  Computer Organization and Design: the hardware/software interface, 3rd ed. by David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy (Morgan Kauffman 2005, ISBN 0-55860-604-1)

Course Outline:

Date Chapter Topic
Jan. 20 B.1-3 Combinational logic design.
Jan. 30 B.7-11 Sequential logic design.
Feb. 10 2 Machine instructions. SPIM.
Feb. 28 3.1-3 Arithmetic for computers.
Mar. 10 4 Assessing and understanding performance.
Mar. 14 5 Processor design.
Apr. 7 6 Pipelining.
Note that class will meet on Tuesday, February 22 because that day follows a Monday schedule.

Protocol: Grade will be based on homework exercises (30%), a midterm (30%) and a final exam (40%).

Test Dates: Midterm: Mar. 3. Final Exam: Tuesday, May 17 at 1:30 pm.

Prerequisite: CS 2200--Data Structures.

Robert Moniot 2005-01-20