Fordham, the Jesuit University of New York

CISC 4650 L01

Cyberspace: Ethics & Issues

Fall, 2015

Dr. Robert K. Moniot

Schedule of Student Presentations

Updated: 9:54am 12/10/2015.

DatePresenterTopicTextbook Readings
Oct. 1MoniotAccessible technology
Oct. 5MoniotDemocracy and InternetChap. 3
Oct. 8RubioVirtual reality
Oct. 15VyasTechnology and the brain
Oct. 19KopmanDigital Millenium Copyright ActChap. 5
Oct. 22JungHazards of meeting online
Oct. 26ClarkCrypto-anarchyChap. 6
Oct. 29HaskellMonetizing malware
Nov. 2PawkArt and the Internet
Nov. 5MastrangeloHacktivism
Nov. 9KhomData mining of retail shopping
Nov. 12KulinerSocial media and journalismChap. 4
Nov. 16WoodleyTeaching about malware
Nov. 19MoniotMicrosoft monopoly
Nov. 23TaborgaCyber-bullying
Nov. 30MoniotProtecting the electronic participant
Dec. 7SayadOnline gambling

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