CISC 4650 L01

Cyberspace: Issues & Ethics

Fall, 2017

Dr. Robert K. Moniot

Due Dates and Expectations for Term Papers

During this semester, each student in this class is expected to produce:

Your in-class presentation should be on the same topic as either your midterm paper or your final paper, and the other paper will be on a different topic. Thus you only need to research two topics. For each paper, students must submit first a proposal or outline, then a first draft, and finally the finished paper.

The paper proposal may be in the form of an outline or a detailed abstract. One or two pages will suffice. It should include at least a few references that you have already consulted.

The first draft should be at least 2/3 of the final requested length, and must include at least some references and a bibliography. The bibliography need not be complete.

The in-class presentations by different students must all be on different topics. (Your term paper topic other than your presentation topic can be the same as another student's topic.) When deciding what topic to choose for your presentation, consult the schedule of presentations posted on the class web page to find out what topics have already been taken.

Each presenter is to provide, by email, a preview of the presentation, including an outline or speaking notes plus the slides, in whatever shape they are in, one week before the presentation. This is so I can provide feedback to improve the quality of the presentation.

Each presenter is also to provide, after the presentation is given, by email, a copy of the slides used, and a presentation study guide. I will post this material on Blackboard for the other students to use when studying for the final exam. The study guide should be at most about 2 pages long, and identify the main social and ethical issues raised by your topic. If your slides include notes that adequately cover the issues, then a separate study guide document is not necessary. The study guide is due by the first reading day, but may be sent in any time after the presentation. Late study guides will not be accepted, because the point is to have them available before exam week begins.

The research papers must be based on library research and written in proper scholarly style, with references for all sources consulted. See the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers or similar work for guidelines on proper citation style. At least 2 sources must be quality scholarly works such as professional journal articles or scholarly books. The topic of one paper is to be the same as your presentation, but you may (should) go into greater depth and cover a broader range of aspects of the topic than your presentation did. Overlap with another student's presentation or paper topic is not a problem for your paper.


Friday, Sep. 15:
Proposal for midterm research paper due.
Friday, Sep. 29:
First draft of midterm research paper due.
Friday, Oct. 13:
Midterm research paper due.
Friday, Nov. 3:
Proposal for final term research paper due.
Friday, Nov. 17:
First draft of final term research paper due.
Friday, Dec. 8:
Final term research paper due.