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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Dept. of Computer and Info. Sciences

CSLV 4650 -- Cyberspace: Ethics & Issues

Fall, 2005
Prof. Robert K. Moniot

Schedule of In-Class Presentations

Last updated November 29, 2005

Date Presenter Topic
Sep. 1 Moniot Ethical principles (read ch. 1)
Sep. 7* Moniot Ethical principles
Sep. 8 Moniot Ethical principles (read ch. 2)
Sep. 12 Moniot Ethical principles
Sep. 15 Moniot Ethical principles (read ch. 3)
Sep. 19 Moniot Ethical principles
Sep. 22 Moniot Ethical theories
Sep. 26 Moniot Ethical theories
Sep. 29 Moniot Case study: Desktop metaphor (read ch. 7)
Oct. 3 Moniot Case study: Software security
Oct. 6 Moniot Case study: Online social science research (read ch. 4)
Oct. 13 Moniot Case study: Software piracy
Oct. 17 Moniot Case study: Virtual action
Oct. 20 Lawrence Offshore outsourcing
Oct. 24 Jenkins Echelon
Oct. 27 Sidorenko Web cookies
Oct. 31 Volpe Internet pornography
Nov. 3 Migliorisi Cryptography
Nov. 7 Hossain Online counseling
Nov. 10 Burke Internet censorship
Nov. 14 DeBlasio Wireless security
Nov. 17 Ray Online privacy
Nov. 21 Chaudhry Software patents
Nov. 28 Moniot Case study: Nanotechnology
Dec. 1 Moniot Case study: Microsoft monopoly
Dec. 5 Moniot Case study: Accessibility and ICT
Dec. 8 Moniot Case study: Internet and democracy
Dec. 12 Catch-up & Conclusion  

To sign up for a topic and a date, send me email at
*Wednesday, September 7 follows a Monday schedule.

Robert Moniot 2005-11-29