Fordham, New York City's Jesuit University
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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Dept. of Computer and Info. Sciences

CSLV 4650 -- Cyberspace: Ethics & Issues

Spring, 2004
Prof. Robert K. Moniot


Citation style guidelines

You can find helpful suggestions for citation style at the following URLs:

I do not require that you follow any particular style, but you should follow some reasonable scholarly style that retains a sufficient amount of information about the sources.

Click here for a guide with more details and an example of how to properly cite a source.

Links to information on ethics in cyberspace

These links provide some starting points to search for information about ethics and law in cyberspace. They have been checked recently for validity. Most of them were found by using a search engine such as Yahoo, Google, or Altavista, looking for the keywords ``cyberspace ethics.'' The student is welcome to do the same.

Other useful resources

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