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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Department of Computer & Information Sciences


 Semester:  Spring, 2004
 Course Number:  CSLV 4650
 Course Title:  Cyberspace: Ethics and Issues
 Instructor:  Dr. Robert K. Moniot
    LC Office LL 817-E, Phone (212) 636-6311
    LC Office hours : MR 10:15-11:15, W 4:30-5:40
    RH Office FR 111-B, Phone (718) 817-5206
    RH Office hours : T 11:00-12:00
    Other office hours by appointment
 Class Hours:  MR 11:30-12:45 Room LL 419
 Text:  Computer Ethics, 3rd ed., by Deborah G. Johnson ISBN 0-13-083699-0

Course Outline: We will explore issues of personal and social morality in the context of the new technological developments related to the use of computers. The first part of the course will be devoted to constructing a framework within which these issues can be analyzed: the basis of ethical theories, and their application to practical decisions in life. The remainder of the course will be organized around a series of seminar discussions of student-presented papers. In the papers, the students will be expected to analyze the ethical issues raised by the use of computers and information technology.

The topics of the papers to be presented by students may be selected from areas such as the following: software ownership and intellectual property, software piracy, defective software, misuse of software, privacy and information access, computer crime, viruses and hacking, cryptography and national security, and computer communication and freedom of expression. This list is not intended to be definitive, and students are encouraged to find other relevant topics of interest.

This course has a web page:
Visit this site for announcements, schedules of presentations and paper due dates, and links to useful resources.

It will not be necessary for the students to have any specialized training in computer or information science. Most of the issues can be understood without any detailed knowledge of the workings of the underlying technology. In any case, the analysis of these issues from a moral perspective is not dependent on their technological basis.

This course fulfills the core requirement of a Senior Values Seminar. It is not applicable toward the major in Computer Science.

Protocol: Grade will be based on class participation (15%), an in-class presentation (20%), a midterm paper (20%), a final exam (20%), and a final term paper (25%).

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