Fordham, New York City's Jesuit University
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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Dept. of Computer and Info. Sciences

CSLV 4650 -- Cyberspace: Ethics & Issues

Spring, 2004
Prof. Robert K. Moniot

Due Dates
for term papers
During this semester, each student in this class is expected to produce: Your in-class presentation should be on the same topic as either your midterm paper or your final paper, but the other paper should be on a different topic. Exceptions to this rule will be granted if sufficient reasons are given. For each paper, students must submit first an outline, then a rough draft, and finally the finished paper.

The in-class presentations must all be on different topics. When deciding what topic to choose for your presentation, consult the schedule of presentations posted on the class web page to find out what topics have already been taken.

See the class web page,
for resources such as citation style guides and links to computer ethics web pages. In case you have trouble deciding on a topic, there is also a list of topics there to stimulate your imagination. But feel free to pick your own topics to suit your areas of interest.


Feb. 5:
Outline of midterm paper due.
Feb. 19:
First draft of midterm paper due.
Mar. 4:
Midterm paper due.
Apr. 19:
Outline of final term paper due.
Apr. 29:
First draft of final term paper due.
May 13:
Final term paper due.

Robert Moniot 2004-01-08