Fordham, New York City's Jesuit University
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FORDHAM UNIVERSITY, Fordham College Lincoln Center
CSEU 3500 -- Data Base Systems
Dept. of Computer & Info. Sciences, Spring, 2004

Homework for Chapter 1
Due date: Wednesday, February 4

[10 pts.] What are four main differences between a [traditional] file-processing system [developed in-house] and a [commercial] database management system?

[10 pts.] This chapter [section 1.2] has described several major advantages of a [commercial] database system [over a file-processing system developed in-house]. What are two disadvantages?

[10 pts.] Explain the difference between physical and logical data independence.

[10 pts.] List [about] six major steps that you [as a database administrator] would take in setting up a database for a particular enterprise. [The administrator does not design or implement the DBMS software itself, but uses an existing DBMS package.] (Hint: these are not the functions listed in section 1.6.2. The exact number of steps can vary somewhat depending on how finely you subdivide the task.)

Robert Moniot 2004-01-08