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Fordham College of Liberal Studies

Department of Computer & Information Sciences


 Semester:  Fall, 2010
 Course Number:  CISC 2350
 Course Title:  Information & Web Programming
 Instructor:  Dr. Robert K. Moniot
    Office LL 817-E, Phone (212) 636-6334
    Office hours: MW 10:00-11:15, T 4:00-5:30, R 4:00-5:00
    Other office hours by appointment
 Class Hours:  T 6:00-8:45 PM, Room LL-910
 Required Text:  Web Programming Step by Step, By Marty Stepp, Jessica Miller, and Victoria Kirst ISBN: 978-0-578-01239-1

Course Outline: An introductory course in web programming. Students will learn how to create dynamic, colorful and interactive web sites using XHTML, style sheets, JavaScript, and a dash of PHP.

Note: No previous programming experience is required or expected.

Protocol: Projects will be assigned regularly as homework. These projects will be hands-on and practical. Each student will create and maintain a personal web page accessible to anyone on the World-Wide Web.

I like the text very much, but it assumes a bit more prior knowledge of programming than you are expected to have. Therefore when we get to the chapters on programming in JavaScript and PHP, I will provide supplementary material in lectures and with handouts. We will not cover all the chapters completely and we will do some out of order. This course is mainly about client-side web programming. The text includes more server-side programming than this course is supposed to cover. (You will learn the difference between client-side and server-side programming in this class.) We will only cover a little server-side material, just enough to see how processing of data submitted from a web page form is done.

Grade will be based on homework projects (50%), a midterm (20%), and a final exam (30%).

If you believe that you have a disabling condition that may interfere with your ability to participate in the activities, coursework, or assessment of the object of this course, you may be entitled to accommodations. If so, please schedule an appointment to speak with me immediately or you may go to the Office of Disability Services (Room LL 207, x6282).

Test Dates: Midterm exam: Tuesday, October 19. Final Exam: Tuesday, December 21.

Robert Moniot 2010-08-30