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CISC 2540 Sec. L01
Intro to Video Game Design

Syllabus Update

I inserted a lecture on material from Game Maker's Apprentice, so we are a bit behind the schedule of lectures given in the syllabus. Here is the new plan, starting with our return to the classroom after the GameMaker lab sessions.

F Oct 18
Habgood & Overmars Chapters 5 & 8: game design principles.
T Oct 22
Chandler Chapter 3: Roles on the Team
F Oct 25
Chandler Chapter 4: Teams.
T Oct 29
Chandler Chapter 5: Effective communication. Also, Tips on Public Speaking.
F Nov 1
Chandler Chapter 6: Game production overview.
T Nov 5
Chandler Chapter 9: Game requirements.
F Nov 8
McGonigal Chapters 1-2: What makes a good game.
T Nov 12
McGonigal Chapters 3-4: Game motivations.
F Nov 15–F Dec 6
Student Presentations


Final exam date will not be shifted. It will be on the day set by the registrar (tentatively Dec. 11 at 1:30 pm)