Fordham, New York City's Jesuit University
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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Dept. of Computer and Info. Sciences

CISC 4660 -- Minds, Machines & Society

Spring, 2012
Prof. Robert K. Moniot

Student Presentation Schedule

Last updated May 10, 2012

Date Presenter Topic
Mar. 26 Scialpi Military use of AI
Mar. 28 Decker AI in art
  Pietras Human-computer interfacing
Apr. 2 Weir High-frequency trading
  Canino Space exploration technology
Apr. 4 Lu AI & sports
  Telis Genomics
Apr. 11 Tipple Technology & employment
  Porretto Crowdsourcing
Apr. 16 Volinski Technology in retail
  Youssef Cyborgs & human augmentation
Apr. 18 Qian AI in Medicine
  Yu Data mining & privacy
Apr. 23 Xikis Medical nanotechnology
  Nguyen Augmented reality
Apr. 25 Wells Surveillance
  Chen Biometrics
Apr. 30 Panzironi AI in psychotherapy
  Quinn Online piracy
May 2 Velasquez Technology in Medicine

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Robert Moniot 2012-05-10