Fordham, the Jesuit University of New York

CISC 4660 L01

Minds, Machines & Society

Spring, 2016

Dr. Robert K. Moniot

Updates to the syllabus plan

I do not edit the syllabus once the semester has started. Here, I post errata and updates as the class progresses.

  1. Reading list change: I have removed the reading of Gemperle et al (on syllabus for Feb. 10) from the assigned readings.
  2. Cancelled class: Class was cancelled on Tuesday, February 16, due to instructor illness.
  3. Makeup class: The meeting to make up the cancelled class has been set for Wednesday, March 2, 4:00-5:15pm in LL 1118.
  4. Essay 3 due date changed: Essay 3 will be assigned Wednesday, March 2 and due Wednesday, March 9.
  5. Essay 4 due date changed: Essay 4 will be assigned Monday, March 14 and due Wednesday, March 30 (after return from recess).