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CSLV 4660 Sec. 001 -- Minds, Machines & Society
Spring, 2008

Final Exam outline:

For the final exam, you will be asked to choose one topic from each of two lists.  Each list will contain three topics, one list from my lecture topics in the first half of the semester, and one list from student presentation topics in the second half of the semester.

In order not to give any student an unfair advantage, each student will receive a customized list of topics, with the student's own presentation topic omitted.

For each topic, you will be expected to write a short essay (about 300 words) analyzing one or two of the main social and/or ethical issues raised by the topic.  In your essay, I will be less interested in your demonstrating your knowledge of the detailed subject matter and more interested in the analytical depth of your discussion.

For instance, if you chose the topic of urban CCTV surveillance for national security, I would not care if you know the number of CCTV cameras installed in the UK, but I would expect to see an analysis of how the desire for increased security should be balanced against the need for privacy to prevent excessive government interference in people's daily lives.  Another issue that could be examined is the impact that knowing this surveillance is going on would have on the behavior of citizens.