Fordham, New York City's Jesuit University
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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Dept. of Computer and Info. Sciences

CSLV 4660 -- Minds, Machines & Society

Spring, 2008
Prof. Robert K. Moniot

Class Schedule

Last updated April 18, 2008

Date Presenter Topic Readings
Jan. 15 Moniot Week 1: what is a computer? Turing; Searle
Jan. 18 No class (away at conference)  
Jan. 22 Moniot Week 1 cont'd  
Jan. 24 Moniot Week 1 cont'd  
Jan. 25 Moniot Week 2: popular images of computers Weizenbaum
Jan. 29 Moniot Week 2 cont'd  
Feb. 1 Moniot Week 3: visions of the future Weiser; Gelernter; Gemperle et al; Healey et al
Feb. 5 Moniot Week 3 cont'd  
Feb. 8 Moniot Week 4: nanotechnology Joy; Feinman; Drexler
Feb. 12 Moniot Week 4 cont'd  
Feb. 15 Moniot Week 4 cont'd  
Feb. 19 No class (Monday schedule)  
Feb. 22 Moniot Week 5: cyborgs Kurzweil; Franchi & Guezeldere
Feb. 26 Moniot Week 5 cont'd  
Feb. 29 Moniot Week 6: symbolic AI Dreyfus & Dreyfus; Newell & Simon
Mar. 4 Moniot Week 6 cont'd  
Mar. 7 Moniot Week 7: computational AI Brooks
Mar. 11 Moniot Week 7 cont'd  
Mar. 25 Chiera Virtual reality in video games  
Mar. 28 Wallach AI in movies  
  Wassner Cyborgs  
Apr. 1 Klansek Smart houses  
  Galea Web-based instruction  
Apr. 4 Demopoulos Military use of IT  
  Robinson Smart cell phones & PDAs  
Apr. 8 Kalata AI for global security  
  Trolinger Nanotechnology  
Apr. 11 Verga Car computers  
  Giacona Trans-humanism  
Apr. 15 Cunha Robot-human interaction  
  Zacks E-Democracy  
Apr. 18 Lee Open-source software  
Apr. 22 Williamson Gov't censorship of the Web  
  Lorca CCTV Surveillance  
Apr. 25 Callahan Neo-Luddites  
  P. Twum Digital Rights Management  
Apr. 29 Portela High tech development contests  
  D. Twum Global Positioning System  
May 9 -- Final Exam  

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Robert Moniot 2008-04-18