Fordham, New York City's Jesuit University
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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Department of Natural Science
Spring, 2010

NSCI-1512 -- General Physics Lab II


Note: This schedule is tentative. It may be revised as the semester progresses.

Jan. 19:
No Lab (first week of classes).
Jan. 26:
Lab 1: Speed of Sound. Beats. Harmonics. Analysis of Waveforms.
Feb. 2:
Lab 2: Vibrating String. Standing Waves.
Feb. 9:
Lab 3: Ohm's Law. Series & Parallel Combinations of Resistors.
Feb. 16:
No Lab (classes follow Monday schedule).
Feb. 23:
Lab 4: The Capacitor. RC Circuits. Series & Parallel Combinations of Capacitors.
Mar. 2:
Lab 5: AC Circuits. The Inductor. The Diode. Use of Oscilloscope.
Mar. 9:
Lab 6: Magnetic Force. Magnetic Induction.
Mar. 16:
No Lab (Spring recess).
Mar. 23:
Lab 7: Current Balance. Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire.
Mar. 30:
Lab 8: Laser Diffraction.
Apr. 6:
Lab 9: Reflection & Refraction of Light.
Apr. 13:
Lab 10: Atomic Emissions. The Spectroscope.
Apr. 20:
Lab 11: Radioactivity (simulation).
Apr. 27:
Open Lab (for makeups).
May 4:
Final Exam.

Robert Moniot 2010-01-13