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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Department of Natural Science


 Semester:  Spring, 2010
 Course Number:  NSCI 1512
 Course Title:  General Physics Lab II
 Instructor:  Dr. Robert K. Moniot
    Office LL 817-E, Phone (212) 636-6334
    Office hours: TF 10:30-12:00, W 4:30-5:30
 Class Hours:  Sec. L01: T 2:30-4:30 PM,
    Sec. L02: T 4:30-6:30 PM,
    Room LL 826
 Required Text:  Lab manuals will be supplied.

Course Outline: Laboratory experiments to accompany NSCI 1502 -- General Physics II. In this laboratory course, the student will learn how to:

The student will write a lab report about each week's experiment in a lab notebook. The report should have sections for an introduction stating the aims of the experiment, the procedure used, the measured data obtained, the data analysis, and a conclusion. The conclusion should state whether the hypotheses being tested were supported by the results.

Optionally, the student may work the pre-lab questions that will be posted on Blackboard a week before the lab. These questions will often appear on short quizzes that will be given in the lab about every two weeks.

Students will normally work in groups of two to four per apparatus, but each student is expected write his or her own report.

Each student will write a final report, based on literature research, on a topic to be assigned from topics related to one or more of the labs.

Protocol: Grade will be based on best 10 lab reports (50%), quizzes (10%), a final report (20%), and the final exam (20%). Lab notebooks will be collected for grading every few weeks.

If you believe that you have a disabling condition that may interfere with your ability to participate in the activities, coursework, or assessment of the object of this course, you may be entitled to accommodations. If so, please schedule an appointment to speak with me immediately or you may go to the Office of Disability Services (Room LL 207, x6282).

Robert Moniot 2010-01-15