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Fordham College at Lincoln Center

Department of Computer & Information Sciences


 Semester:  Fall, 2010
 Course Number:  CISC 1100 L01
 Course Title:  Structures of Computer Science
 Instructor:  Dr. Robert K. Moniot
    Office LL 817-E, Phone (212) 636-6334
    Office hours: MW 10:00-11:15, T 4:00-5:30, R 4:00-5:00
    Other office hours by appointment
 Class Hours:  MR 2:30-3:45 PM Room LL 304
 Required Text:  Fundamentals of Discrete Structures, by D. M. Lyons et al. (Pearson Learning Solutions, ISBN 0-558-83797-2).

Course Outline: Topics to be covered include:

Protocol: Homework sets will be assigned from the text. The homework for a given chapter will be due at the class session after being assigned. Laboratory and computer exercises will be assigned as well. No previous computer experience is required to complete the assignments.

Regular attendance is expected, and participation by asking questions or contributing insights is welcome.

Students are expected to arrive on time for class. If you do arrive late, please enter the classroom quietly so as not to disrupt the class in session.

Students are expected to remain until the end of class, barring a true emergency. If you know in advance that you will need to leave early, inform me before the start of class, and sit near the door so that you can leave without causing a disruption.

Please turn off all cell phones, beepers, etc. during class. Laptops are not permitted in class. Tape recorders are not permitted unless as an accommodation approved by the Office of Disability Services.

If you believe that you have a disabling condition that may interfere with your ability to participate in the activities, coursework, or assessment of the object of this course, you may be entitled to accommodations. If so, please schedule an appointment to speak with me immediately or you may go to the Office of Disability Services (Room LL-207, x6282).

Grade will be based on participation in class (5%), homework and labs (30%), two midterm exams (20% each), and a final exam (25%).

Test Dates: Midterm exam 1: Thursday, September 30; Midterm exam 2: Thursday, November 11; Final Exam: Thursday, Dec. 16 at 1:30 PM.

Robert Moniot 2010-08-30