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Dr. Robert K. Moniot

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CISC 1100 L01
Structures of Computer Science


The slides used for the lectures are provided here in two formats: as presentation slides for viewing, and in handout format, 4 slides per page. If you print the presentation format slides you will waste lots of paper. Print the handout format instead.

  1. Chapter 1: overview (presentation) (handout)
  2. Chapter 2: Sets and Sequences (presentation) (handout) Skip section 2.3
  3. Chapter 3: Logic (presentation) (handout)
  4. Web programming: HTML (presentation format only). Examples used in the slides.
  5. Web programming: Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver (presentation format only).
  6. Web programming: HTML Forms (presentation format only). Examples used in the slides.
  7. Chapter 4: Relations (presentation) (handout)
  8. Chapter 5: Functions (presentation) (handout) Skip sections 5.7, 5.8
  9. Chapter 6: Counting (presentation) (handout)
  10. Programming with Alice
  11. Chapter 7: Probability (presentation) (handout) Skip sections 7.5, 7.6