Why Linux?

Someone once asked me:

Why Linux and what does it do for me an average user?

Here is my response.

First, I should say that "why Linux" is a lot different for me than for an average user. I have been using Unix since before Windows was born, so for me, Linux is a more comfortable environment than Windows, and the fact that it is free and better quality is just an added benefit.

For an average user, the reasons would be these:

The common arguments against Linux are:

The most serious problem is that there are so many third-party software vendors who produce products only for Windows, or at most also for Mac. This situation will only change once Linux gets enough market share for these people to take it seriously.

I recommend you read Neal Stephenson's In the beginning was the command line at http://www.cryptonomicon.com for some insightful comments on all this and more.

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