Linux on the Compaq Deskpro 4000

Coexisting with F10 Setup

The following was provided by Lennart Holmgren <>. (I have edited it slightly for readability.)

Hey, I succeded to install Red Hat 5.1 on a DeskPro 6000. Getting around the F10 Setup was done like this:

Red Hat during installation says it can start another OS, so I named the partition with the Compaq setup stuff to "f10setup". When booting and lilo is coming up I type: "f10ssetup" and presto up starts the Compaq Setup.

When inside Setup I choose to do the Computer Setup and the computer wants to reboot. I let it do so. Once again when lilo comes up I type "f10setup" and I can configure the computer.

If I don't type "f10setup" the computer hangs with some ugly looking messages on the screen. I think the first part of the f10setup sets something that only the setup part of Compaq understands. Dunno really, just guessing.

When I'm finished in the setup and exit, the computer reboots and when lilo comes up once again, I hit enter and the booting of Linux starts normally.