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Fall Semester 2015

Multivariate Calculus 1 MATH 2004 - L01

4 credits

Prerequisite: MATH 1207-Calculus 2

Meets Monday/Thursday 10 to 11:15am
and Thursday recitation 11:20am to 12:20pm


Dr. Leonard J. Nissim

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Office Hours

Monday 1pm to 3pm - in room 815F

Tuesday 10am to 12 noon - in the Math Help Room (room 302F)

Friday 10am to 11am - in room 815F

(and by appointment)


``Calculus: Multivariable'' (Tenth Edition) by Howard Anton, Irl Bivens, and Stephen Davis. It is published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

ISBN 978-1-119-93781-4


Vectors, space coordinates, dot products, cross products, quadratic surfaces, vector-valued functions and their derivatives, functions of several variables, partial differentiation, higher order partial derivatives, chain rule for multivariable functions, total differentials, maxima and minima for multivariable functions, directional derivatives, the gradient, double integrals, and triple integrals.

This material may be found in chapters 11 to 14 of the Tenth Edition.

You can get homework assignments and find out what will be covered on the next test by going to my website, and clicking on the appropriate link. The address is:

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Your grade will be based on tests (50%) and the final exam (50%). Three tests will be given; only the best two scores will count. No make-up tests will be given. The tests are scheduled for Thursday, October 1; Thursday, October 29, and Monday, November 23.

The final exam will cover material from the entire course. I will tell you when I know its date. Exam week is from Tuesday, December 15, to Tuesday, December 22.

Homework will be assigned, but will not count towards your grade. While you are expected to attend all classes, attendance is not part of your grade. If you miss a class, check the website above for the homework assignment.




Leonard J. Nissim