Arthur G. Werschulz

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I am a Professor of Computer Science in the Computer and Information Sciences Department of Fordham University. In addition, I am an Adjunct Senior Research Scientist in the Columbia University Computer Science Department.

I am teaching the following courses during the Spring, 2020 semester:

Please consult my schedule if you want to find me. Note that this grid only shows my minimally guaranteed availability; I tend to be here much more often than what's indicated. For instance, I tend to be around most of the day on Mondays and Thursdays.

My research area is information-based complexity, studying the inherent difficulty of problems for which the information is partial, possibly noisy, and priced. We are especially interested in the tractability of high-dimensional problems. My particular expertise is in the following:

Some of my more recent publications are available online. I am also the coauthor (with J. F. Traub) of Complexity and Information, published by Cambridge University Press as part of the series Lezioni Lincee, Academia Nazionale dei Lincei.

My Erdös number is four, via any of the following paths:

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