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The ftnchek download site is no longer accessible by ftp, only by http. Depending on your browser's configuration, you may need to use shift-click on the links in order to save to a file.
Name Size Last Modified Description
README4KB16:09 20 Feb 2005Information about these files
ftnchek-3.3.1.lsm881bytes21:25 17 Feb 2005Linux Software Map entry
Source code
ftnchek-3.3.1.tar.gz1024KB21:06 17 Feb 2005Source & documentation tar+gzipped
ftnchek-3_3_1.zip1527KB21:07 17 Feb 2005Same, zip file for DOS/Windows
ftnchek-3.3.1.tar.asc292bytes21:06 17 Feb 2005PGP signature for unzipped tar file
pgp-public-key.asc350bytes11:58 6 Jul 1997PGP public key for Robert K. Moniot
ftnchek-3.3.1-varfmt.patch1761bytes17:31 7 Jul 2006Patch to fix variable-format bug
Source code addition for VMS
shell_mung_vms_shar.com62KB12:15 17 Jan 2005Wildcard expansion routine for VMS
shell_mung_vms_shar.com_gz19KB12:15 17 Jan 2005Same, gzipped
ftnchek-3.3.1.catman.tar.gz68KB21:18 17 Feb 2005Unix manpage for sites without nroff
ftnchek-3.3.1.ps494KB16:07 20 Feb 2005PostScript version of manual 20 Feb 2005Same, gzipped
ftnchek-3.3.1.pdf435KB16:08 20 Feb 2005PDF version of manual
ftnchek-3.3.1.html.tar.gz63KB21:18 17 Feb 2005HTML version of manual tar+gzipped
ftnchek-3_3_1_html.zip98KB21:18 17 Feb 2005Same, in zip file and DOS format
dcl2inc.ps11KB12:16 17 Jan 2005Manual for dcl2inc, PostScript
dcl2inc.pdf15KB12:16 17 Jan 2005Manual for dcl2inc, PDF
ftnchek-3_3_1-win32.exe306KB21:09 17 Feb 2005Binary for Windows 9x/NT
ftnchek-3_3_1-win32.zip150KB21:14 17 Feb 2005Same, in zip file
ftnchek-3.3.1-linux-2.6-i686.tar.gz187KB21:25 17 Feb 2005Binary for Intel Linux
ftnchek-3.3.1-sunos-5.8-sun4u.tar.gz252KB10:36 1 Mar 2005Binary for Sun Solaris 5.8
ftnchek-3.3.1-mac-osx124KB14:51 23 Mar 2005Binary for Mac OS X
ftnchek-3.3.1-mac-osx.gz124KB14:51 23 Mar 2005Binary for Mac OS X, gzipped


  1. More executables will be added as they become available. Executables of version 3.2.2 for other systems can be found at this link.


For users whose code contains both cpp-style #include and standard Fortran INCLUDE directives, there is an auxiliary preprocessor ftnpp, available here.


Thanks to Michael Kluskens of the US Naval Research Laboratory for providing the Mac OS X executable. Volunteers are invited to provide executables for other systems.

Judah Milgram is the author of ftnchek.el, the emacs-lisp file for ftnchek mode. He has recently added some improvements to it. The latest version, ftnchek.el v0.9, is now included in the ftnchek distribution.

Earlier Versions

Version 2.7 is the last version of ftnchek that does not need large amounts of memory. Go here if you have a very low-end machine, such as a pre-386 IBM PC.

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