Volume Manager Support Operations
Menu: VolumeManager/Disk
 1      Add or initialize one or more disks
 2      Encapsulate one or more disks
 3      Remove a disk
 4      Remove a disk for replacement
 5      Replace a failed or removed disk
 6      Mirror volumes on a disk
 7      Move volumes from a disk
 8      Enable access to (import) a disk group
 9      Remove access to (deport) a disk group
 10     Enable (online) a disk device
 11     Disable (offline) a disk device
 12     Mark a disk as a spare for a disk group
 13     Turn off the spare flag on a disk
 14     Unrelocate subdisks back to a disk
 15     Exclude a disk from hot-relocation use
 16     Make a disk available for hot-relocation use
 17     Prevent multipathing/Suppress devices from VxVM's view
 18     Allow multipathing/Unsuppress devices from VxVM's view
 19     List currently suppressed/non-multipathed devices
 20     Change the disk naming scheme
 21     Get the newly connected/zoned disks in VxVM view
 22     Change/Display the default disk layouts
 23     Mark a disk as allocator-reserved for a disk group
 24     Turn off the allocator-reserved flag on a disk
 list   List disk information