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The ftnchek program is free software. It can be obtained by anonymous ftp from many software servers, including . Note that on Netlib the distribution is named ftnchek.tar.gz whereas on most other servers the file name includes the version number, e.g. ftnchek-3.3.0.tar.gz. If the file extension is .Z, uncompress with the Unix uncompress(1) utility. If the file extension is .gz, uncompress with the GNU gunzip(1L) program. Then use tar(1) to unpack the files into a subdirectory.

Installation requires a C compiler for your computer. See the INSTALL file provided with the distribution for instructions on installing ftnchek on your system. Executable binary for particular systems such as IBM PC or Macintosh, as available, can be obtained by anonymous ftp from . Assistance in preparing such executable binary forms is welcome.

The nroff version of this document is named On UNIX systems, this file can be used as the man page, but actually it is a multi-purpose source file which is used to produce the other forms of the documentation. The cleaned-up man page document, created during installation of ftnchek, is named ftnchek.1. The distribution also includes a plain ASCII version named ftnchek.doc, a PostScript version named, an HTML version in directory html, and a VMS HELP version named ftnchek.hlp.

Information about the latest version and the status of the project can be obtained by visiting ftnchek's home page, . For further information and to report bugs, you may contact Dr. Robert Moniot, whose contact information can be found by a Web search for his name and Fordham University. (E-mail address is not provided here because it attracts unsolicited commercial e-mail, but it is easily constructed by combining his last name with the name of the university and the edu domain.)