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ftnchek was designed by Dr. Robert Moniot, professor at Fordham University. During the academic year of 1988-1989, Michael Myers and Lucia Spagnuolo developed the program to perform the variable usage checks. During the following year it was augmented by Lois Bigbie to check subprogram arguments and COMMON block declarations. Brian Downing assisted with the implementation of the INCLUDE statement. John Quinn wrote the common block usage checks. Heba Elsayed wrote the label table printout and label usage checks. Nelson H. F. Beebe of the University of Utah added most of the new code to implement the -makedcls feature and wrote the dcl2inc script. The -mkhtml feature was contributed by Mark McVeigh of Framatome ANP, Inc. The -reference feature was contributed by Gerome Emmanuel, Ecole des mines, U. Nancy (slightly modified). The -vcg option was contributed by Dr. Philip Rubini of Cranfield University, UK. The support for Cray pointer syntax was provided by John Dannenhoffer of United Technologies Research Center. John C. Bollinger of Indiana University added the parser syntax for the SELECT CASE construct. Robert Landrito added the parser syntax for F90 pointer-related features. Additional features will be added as time permits. As of Version 2.5, the name was changed from forchek to ftnchek, to avoid confusion with a similar program named forcheck, developed earlier at Leiden University.

We would like to thank John Amor of the University of British Columbia, Reg Clemens of the Air Force Phillips Lab in Albuquerque, Markus Draxler of the University of Stuttgart, Victor Eijkhout of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Greg Flint of Purdue University, Daniel P. Giesy of NASA Langley Research Center, Fritz Keinert of Iowa State University, Judah Milgram of the University of Maryland College Park, Hugh Nicholas of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Dan Severance of Yale University, Phil Sterne of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Larry Weissman of the University of Washington, Warren J. Wiscombe of NASA Goddard, and Nelson H. F. Beebe of the University of Utah, for pointing out bugs and suggesting some improvements. Stefan A. Deutscher, Gunnar Duus, Clive Page of the University of Leicester, Stephan Wefing of Heidelberg University, and Bob Wells of Oxford University were extremely helpful as alpha testers. We also thank Jack Dongarra for putting ftnchek into the netlib library of publicly available software.