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Option: mkhtml

Produce HTML documentation from source. Creates individual HTML files from ftnchek analysis and code comments. All comments immediately preceding and following the function or subroutine definition are captured to the HTML file. No reformatting of source comments is performed other than stripping of FORTRAN comment characters. In addition, the HTML file lists the local variables declared, common block variables used, functions and subroutines called, I/O unit usage, and other information about each subprogram. Usually you will also want to specify -call=tree to create the root HTML file CallTree.html. (Perhaps this file should be named index.html.)

Various options for the form of the HTML files are controlled by the list, which consists of keywords separated by commas or colons. There are three special keywords: all to turn on all the options, none to turn them all off, and help to print the list of all the keywords with a brief explanation of each. If list is omitted, -mkhtml is equivalent to -mkhtml=documents (i.e. produce the HTML document files using the default options), and -nomkhtmls is equivalent to -mkhtml=none.

For the sake of simplicity, the options for -mkhtml are the same as those for -makedcls except for those that are inapplicable. Likewise, a numeric form of this setting can be used, formed as the sum of the numbers in parentheses in the list below. The warning keywords with their meanings are as follows:

documents (1):
Create the HTML documents. (This is implied by any of the other options, and can be omitted if any other options are given.)
compact (4):
The declarations are normally prettyprinted to line up neatly in common columns. This option value selects instead compact output, without column alignment.
use-continuation-lines (8):
Causes continuation lines to be used instead of beginning a new declaration on each line. This option is appropriate to use together with compact.
keywords-lowercase (16):
Output Fortran keywords in lowercase, instead of the default uppercase.
vars-and-consts-lowercase (32):
Output variables and constants in lowercase, instead of the default uppercase. Character string constants are not affected by this option.
exclude-sftran3 (64):
Omit declarations of internal integer variables produced by the SFTRAN3 preprocessor, xsf3(1L). (See -makedcls for discussion.)
suppress-array-dimensions (512):
Suppress dimensioning of arrays in the generated declarations. This is normally undesirable, but is available if for some reason you do not want the array dimensions to appear in the HTML.
free-form (1024):
Produce variable declarations in free source form. This mode is automatically used if the input source is free form. This mainly affects the form of continuation lines if they are used.

See also: -calltree, -makedcls.

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